Stiletto Shoes – Wearing Your Heels without Hurting Yourself

Stiletto Shoes – Wearing Your Heels without Hurting Yourself


Do you love the attention you get from men when you wear stiletto shoes? Even though high heels are sexy and get a token of appreciation from the opposite sex, they aren’t good for your health. Long-term use of stilettos can make your ankles collapse and your back hunched.

But there are ways to prevent these negative disasters from happening while wearing your stiletto shoes. When you’re in your early twenty’s or thirty’s, you’ll feel wonderful wearing stiletto shoes. Overtime, you are likely to have blisters, corns and bunions in your feet. Apart from that, prolonged use of high heels can also cause conditions like Morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis.

Prevention is always better than cure. If you are able to take precautions while stiletto shoes on your feet, you can continue wearing them without the worry of any negative side effects.

Here’s how to wear stiletto shoes without hurting yourself in the long run…

Wear the right size - Plenty of women make the mistake of wearing shoes that are too small for them. They have an assumption that the shoes will stretch automatically overtime. It isn’t the case with the cheap models out on the market. If you buy from a really expensive brand, the shoes are likely to stretch during the right climate. Also make sure there’s proper arch support when you buy your stiletto shoes.

Your posture - 90% of women in the United States have poor postures. We’ve got our zombie-like lifestyles to blame. We spend hours sitting inside the human zoo (houses) that we’ve lost the feel of how it’s really like to be a human. We don’t have the grace and strength that our ancestors had. If we compare ourselves to our cousins (chimpanzees and monkeys), we find that they have a better body posture than we do these days.

There are actually 11 muscles in our body that we need to hold tight at all costs to ensure optimum health for our body. If you’d like to learn more about these muscles, I recommend that you take a Tai Chi or Qi Gong or Kung Fu Class. The muscles you need to hold tight are your ankles, shin, thigh, quads, abdominals, lats, neck (steady hold), obliques and a couple of other muscle groups.

As you can see from the list above, the right muscle to hold firm and tight is the lats. Most of us walk by holding our shoulders firm and tight. It’s nearly impossible to explain the eleven firmnesses through the internet. You’ll have to see it for yourself in action.

But you can attain the best posture by doing the following things:

- Keep your feet parallel (shoulder width)

- Tuck in your stomach and hold it tight

- Loosen your shoulders and tighten your lats

- Bring the neck slightly down

 Well… that’s the best posture to hold at all times. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting or walking, always make sure that your feet are parallel and your stomach is tucked in.

Listen to your body - The best way to wear stiletto shoes without experiencing any ill-effects is by listening to your body. Whenever you feel discomfort when wearing your heels, remove them and wear normal shoes. Visit your doctor whenever you experience pain in your heels. Your doctor will be able to examine your legs and suggest preventive measures. Don’t ignore the pain and discomfort you experience.

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