Nordstroms Shoes is a Paradise for Large Size Womens Shoes!

Nordstroms Shoes is here to save the day!

Are you still frustrated by not knowing exactly how the shoe fits before ordering large size womens shoes? Wish there was a place you could go and try on these shoes? Want to know which Manufacturer of shoes fits your foot best?  If you live in the area of a Nordstrom Rack, the off price retailer of Nordstrom then you’re in luck! Nordstroms has a “LARGE SIZE SHOE EVENT” every year in every Nordstrom Rack. This is when they bring in loads of the large size womens shoes. For women, they have shoe sizes 10 ½, all the way up to size 14 womens shoes and for the men they have shoe sizes 14 – 20.

I first heard about Nordstroms shoes and their “LARGE SIZE SHOE EVENT” through a friend of mine who worked for Nordstrom Rack. She told me about this lady that had such a great experience that she left with 13 PAIRS OF SHOES!! As she told the story I began to get jealous assuming the lady probably had a “perfect” size 8 foot but was astounded when my friend said, “I guess she bought so many because you can’t find cute size 13 womens shoes everyday!”

Nordstroms shoe selection often carries larger sizes in the latest brands and trends, which includes sexy shoes for big feet. Visit a Nordstrom Rack and you’ll see that the section often carries a good amount for larger than size 10 for women and larger than size 14 for men. But during the “LARGE SIZE SHOE EVENT” Nordstroms shoes will truck in an extra 2,000 to 5,000 (depending on store size) extra shoes in larger sizes.

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Nordstroms shoe event spares no expense and also trucks in the latest designer shoes for size 12, 13, 14 and of course the other sizes too. Cole Haan, Stuart Weitzman, Joan & David, Glint, Coach, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sperry, Steve Madden, and Via Spiga are just to name a few in the great selection of shoes at the Nordstrom Rack. I find Nordstroms shoes to always be of great quality and I don’t mind spending my money when knowing the shoes will last longer than just a couple months. At the “Rack” all these shoes will be discounted from 40%-70% OFF original retailers price. Nordstrom Rack has a great return policy of 30 days which gives you more than enough time to decide which ones feel best on your feet.

Aside from the great Nordstroms shoe collection the Nordstrom Rack is a great place for designer plus size clothing as well!! Nordstrom Rack has over 95 stores in 28 states and has scheduled 20 more to open before 2012….which means more Nordstroms shoes for our large feet!

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