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I am San (aka Diva Online) and I love shopping online…..Especially for shoes!

 I love finding great deals but what I love most about shopping online is not having to put on my clothes, crank up the car and drive somewhere to shop. I hate having to search all day for my size and color, I dread the crowds and long lines.  I have actually been in the store with a buggy full of items and because the line is so long, I end up putting back half the things I planned to buy before I made it to the register. Their loss I guess. LOL

I love the convienence of finding large size shoes for women online. I just put into google what I am looking for and instantly, thousands of options are right there before my eyes. I compare prices, find my size, see if they have my favorite color and best of all….no lines!

Shopping online can also be time consuming if your looking for something that is hard to find but on the other side of that is….I can do it my pajamas…24 hours a day!

I created this blog for people like me who love to shop online and find great deals. When I find great deals and things that may be hard to locate, I will post them here and give you a link so you can see for yourself!

Maybe we can share what we find??

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