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February 4th, 2011

Size 12 Womens Shoes at

Size 12 womens shoes are probably the next hardest large size womens shoes to find compared to size 11, although, I’m sure they are easier to find than size 13. There are a just a few walk-in stores that have size 12 womens shoes available on the shelf such as Payless Shoes and Shoe Show in my local area, but they are still a rare find. My suggestion would be to save time by ordering them online using shoe websites for women.

Doing a quick search online you can still only find a limited selection of websites that offer size 12 womens shoes. Among the best on the list is DesignerShoes.Com. Their motto is “for women who leave a larger footprint” and they do not carry a shoe on their site that does not at least come in a size 12. They go up to size 15  and in most cases, you can select narrow, medium, wide size women’s shoes or extra wide to get the fit just right.

DesignerShoes.Com also offers free shipping for any order over $75 and if you are like me, then more than likely you will be buying more than one shoe at a time so this will be an easy thing to do. Lucky for me they have daily specials that can get you up to 80% off the retail price which is right up my alley because I always love a sale. Unlike many shoe websites for women, I noticed that DesignerShoes.Com also accepts PayPal, the most trusted place online for money transactions which is what I use exclusively for online purchases.

While browsing I was able to find many choices in my size and I was surprised at how many cute shoes were available in the largest sizes. They have sandals, heels, flats, flip flips, wedges, sexy boots, wedding shoes and athletic styles to choose from. The first time I shopped there I was nervous about the quality and actual fit of the shoes without being able to hold them in my hands and try them on prior to purchase but the 30 money back guarantee quickly put my mind to ease about that.

Size 12 womens shoes can be harder than most sizes to find but you just have to look in the right places. Online shoe shopping has saved me tons of time. It has also saved me the disappointment of spending my whole day riding around town looking for a great shoe but only to find that they don’t have my size in stock. I wear a size 11 and sometimes depending on the cut, I can wear size 12 so I know size 12 womens shoes are even harder to find. I would definitely suggest the next time you are looking for that next great shoe!

Happy Shoe Hunting!

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