Sexy Shoes for Big Feet & Stylish Shoes for Big Feet

January 25th, 2011

Sexy shoes for big feet and stylish shoes for big feet…

sexy shoes for women

Sexy shoes for big feet and stylish shoes for big feet are rare but there are a few places out there that have bigger sizes. I just wish I could go into any store and find my size like other women do. When I go out for a night on the town I need a pair of stylish shoes for these big feet! I would love to be able to keep up with the fashion trends but I am not always successful and have to settle for anything I can find.

So what do I do?

There are a few places that I can count on for larger sizes. Payless Shoes is one of the places I start my search at however I usually like better quality. When you have longer feet, arch support is very important. My experience with heels from Payless has been not so good so I tend to stay away from the heels there. I find that the heels don’t have that much stability and tend to wobble …which is not cute!

Payless is better for things like flip flops, flats, wedges and simple sandals. Last summer I found a pair of cute and comfortable wedge thongs that I completely wore out. I ended up buying them in 3 different colors. That is common for people with big feet, once you find a pair that fit, are cute and comfortable….buy several pairs because there’s no telling when you’ll find another pair. The highest I’ve seen Payless Shoe sizes go up to is 12.

There are local places in my hometown of Charlotte, NC like Shoe Show and Shoe Dept. They tend to carry sizes up to 12 but there is not ample selection nor are the shoes of any quality…But when I am in a rush and don’t have time to have something shipped to my home, I have make do with what I can find.

Now when I’m planning ahead, I find myself shopping online for shoes.  Ordering online can save me the hassle of running around town all day. I may look on first, to see if there is anything worth my wild there and then I move onto I have ordered several times for Amazon and found sexy shoes for big feet and stylish shoes for big feet.

An online shop similar to Amazon, as far as shoes are concerned, is I like ShoeBuy because they have free shipping, free return shipping, no sales tax and a 100% guarantee on all purchases. If you order something that looks good online and you don’t like it when you get, you are not risking anything because you can send it back, at no cost to you, and get your money back or exchange them. If you are not in a rush, that sounds great to me. I see size 11 on a regular basis, size 12 not as much tho.

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