How to Wear Over the Knee Boots – What to Wear With Thigh High Boots?

January 27th, 2011


How to wear over the knee boots and what to wear with thigh high boots?

Thigh high boots for women can be worn with a short skirt or a sexy dress. Lately, since the leggings look has come back, leggings are a great way to show off any boot especially thigh highs. Consider wearing them with a pair of leggings and a long sweater for the winter. That is a very popular look. Wearing your thigh highs with skinny jeans is also an option since those jeans are back in style as well. You can wear these boots with just about any outfit that you want to add a bit of sexy to. You can wear them underneath a longer skirt or dress if you want to tone them down a little. Just having them on, even if know one else knows, will make you feel sexier!

I would avoid trying to stuff regular jeans down in the boots though. They are a great accessory that any women can wear but if you are a plus size woman, you should probably buy plus size thigh high boots. Wide calf thigh high boots may also fit much better.

How to wear over the knee boots - thigh high boots for women

I do not think it matters what the women’s weight, size or age, these sexy boots should be made to fit any woman….however, crotch high boots may be a different story. You do not have to be under a certain age to wear thigh high boots.  There is no age limit for having fun and look hot.  With a pair of over the knee boots, you can feel as young and sexy as you want. An age does not define who you are, how you feel does! ­

Finding thigh high boots for women can be a little tricky even though more stores carry them now as of 2011. In most areas, you can find a pair in your shopping mall or major department stores but not many shoe stores will have a great supply of these great boots so you may be better off trying to find them online. Another place you should consider when trying to find over the knee boots is lingerie & adult novelty shops.  When you go online to find your pair of thigh high boots, there will be an abundance of them. You will find that choosing just one is going to be the hardest part of the deal. 

Thigh high boots for women are boots that come all the way up the leg to about the middle of your thigh.  They are viewed as super sexy, risky or even kinky in the eyes of many. Many of these over the knee boots are worn to go out for a night on the town and night clubs but they are becoming more common to see in everyday life. The trend of today’s fashion world is flat thigh high boots and leather thigh high boots. You can’t help but to add little bit of excitement and a whole lot of sexy to any outfit with these kind of boots. They are definitely head turners that can get a lot of attention.

You can go as far as you want when you are choosing a thigh high boot because there are many different styles out there to choose between. You can find an unlimited amount of styles …everything from leather, suede to even plastic. It really doesn’t matter what type of material or color you get, you should feel hot and sexy in them.  Some are a little more risky and kinky than others.  The women who want to look flirty and free may want to try the wilder and bolder styles.  Different colors, designs and decorations…there are boots with sequins, beads and even fringe on them. 

When women choose over the knee boots, you must make sure you choose the right heel for yourself. Some can be flat thigh high boots and others can have stiletto heels on them. You may also find fabulous thigh high boots with a wedge or smaller heel.  These are also just as sexy and what I particularly prefer. How you are able to walk in any sexy shoe is even more important then the style…having your heel wobbling over to the sides or your feet hurting so bad that you have to limp when you walk is never sexy nor cute boots for women to wear!

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