Large Size Womens Shoes – Large Shoes for Women When You Have Big Feet Like Me!

October 17th, 2010

Large Size Womens Shoes – Large Shoes for Women

 Online shopping guide for large size womens shoes for women with big feet like me!

It can be hard to find large size womens with big feet.  It can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I wear a size 11 and have approximately 50 pairs of shoes collected over the past 15 years. Fifty pairs of shoes for a woman is a small amount. I have friends in the same financial circumstance as me but they have hundreds of shoes! I can only imagine what my closet would be like if a size 11 or larger was as common of a shoe size like size 8. How many bills would have been put on hold??

So lately, I decided to help myself and others find large size womens shoes for big feet like mine because I know what its like to see great looking shoes and not being able to find your size. I know that you don’t go shoe shopping with your girls because they will find 10 pairs that fit perfectly compare to your 1 pair after 8 hours of shopping. It doesn’t matter weather you want unique boots for women, sexy heels, or comfortable flats in a size 14WW….I will try and lead you in the right direction.

Ok, so let’s get to it.

 The first website I found was Pretty good variety found there. Tess was a woman in her twenties that loved fashion but had a hard time finding stylish shoes for big feet.  She wears a size 11 like me and started to help us be happy with our feet. The shoes there look really comfortable and good for work or all day on your feet. The prices are about average to high depending on what you are used to paying. They have 9 pages of size 15 shoes, 18 pages of size 14, 29 pages of size 13 shoes, 27 pages of size 12 shoes and 30 pages of size 11. I think that is a great place to start your search for women shoes for big feet.

Sandal in large sizes

What a cute sandal!

The next place online I found is They go up to a size 15WW so they have extra wide women’s shoes. I found the above sandal in a size 14. It looks as though they have something for everyone there. Get 40% off on DAILY SPECIALS, women’s fashion shoes for wider & longer feet. Styles change often!

Click Here to go to the Website.
40% OFF women's shoes in Daily Special Department is “for women who leave a larger footprint”. I like that motto because it can mean many things according to what you like.  The owner also has a blog that am going to subscribe to and get updates on new shoes and report back here. Click the above picture to take a look for yourself! Those 2 websites are a good start. I will continue the journey and report what I find soon.

So if your always looking for large size womens shoes, subscribe to my blog to get updates when I get some good shoe information!

Happy Shoe Hunting!!

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  1. Kaniesha says:

    another great place to shop especially if your feet are wide and large is dreamshoes they have size 14 WW which is really hard to find in anything other than granny shoes

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