FLIP FLOPS WITH ARCH SUPPORT – Where to find flip flops with arch support online.

August 17th, 2010


Where to find flip flops with arch support online.

If you are like me you love wearing flip flops. I usually wear them from after the Easter holiday until well into the fall and beginning of winter.  I like having my feet out no matter how big they are. I must admit that usually I just buy multiple pairs of cheap flip flops.

However, recently I noticed that if I wear flip flops all day, especially while walking around the mall or someplace like that, my feet really hurt afterwards, especially, in the arch of my foot. I guess the flat flip flops are wearing on my foot.

I always remember when growing up, my father would always buy my sisters and me quality shoes. He wouldn’t spend his money on the cheaper fashionable shoes we liked as teenagers. He would always say, “girl you need something with arch, I’m not buying that cheap mess!”. I didn’t understand it then, I just wanted the cute shoes!

Now I understand the importance of having arch support.

So I have set out to find some good places online to get flip flops with arch support for the rest of the summer. My search started at a place that is known for shoes that have a comfortable fit….

Crocs, Inc. is my first stop for comfortable shoes to walk around in and they have flip flops!


 They have great shoes of all kinds. While searching there I did realize that they all are flip flops with arch support. I believe the company was started in 2003. Many discount retailers have copied Crocs but the true comfort of a Croc comes from ordering the authentic ones from  Crocs, Inc.

My next place to search is Amazon.com.

You can type in “flip flops with arch support” in the search box and a variety of flops appear. I have ordered from Amazon.com for years and have never had a problem with them. Even though the Crocs brand of flip flops do not appear when you put in the search, they do have Crocs as well as many other brands with arch support.

Zappos.com is also one of my favorite places to shop online for shoes. Zappos.com has a great variety of flip flops. Only search when you have time to look as you could be there for days!

Trying different searches in your search engine may help find arch supported flip flops also. Typing in “erogonomic flip flops” will bring up information.

Erogonomic is the science of the design of equipment, especially so as to reduce operator fatigue, discomfort and injury. Its used for offices to make sure their workers are comfortable. Why not use it for shoes. Just a suggestion.

Happy Shoe Hunting!

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